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“Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be - embrace who you are.”

Brene Brown

My Approach

I love being a mental health therapist - helping others be their best self. Everyone deserves to feel good and experience happiness. Unfortunately, at times, we can get stuck, and feel lost. Having someone to talk to and help us see things from a different perspective can be very transformative. Life is short. Sometimes we need a little bit of help, and other times we may need a lot more. There should always be someone we can reach out to. Life is hard. Being alone and feeling isolated is even harder. The right therapist can help. When you have the right person to support and empower you, you’ll know it - and be so glad you reached out!

The most important resource we have

that helps buffer and shield us against stress, trauma and adversity,

are the relationships we have

with the people who matter the most.

BRIEF Therapy (one to ten sessions)


Brief Therapy is short term, strength based and wellness focused talk therapy. If you think you just need a different perspective, a reminder of your skills and abilities, validation that you’re on the right track, or a “kick in the pants” jump start to get you going in the right direction, Brief Therapy is likely the best option.


EXTENDED Therapy (several months and longer)


Extended Therapy is longer term, dives deeper into past experiences and focuses on resolving current issues by working on root causes. Typically, longer term therapy is considered “treatment”, because it’s more extensive, and often involves a deeper dive into past psychological wounds. Sometimes a diagnosis is useful – to inform treatment options – but it is not always needed. Extended therapy can last for a few months or continue over several years. In situations of long term therapy, I would always encourage you to regularly check in with your therapist about progress and treatment goals.



As your therapist, I will guide and support you as you strive for positive change.

What you learn in therapy will continue to be useful throughout your life.

 While the length of time in counselling may be minimal,

the techniques, insight and self awareness you will gain

will be rewarding and valuable for a long time after.

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