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"Health does not always come from medicine.
Sometimes it comes from peace of mind, warmth in our heart, strength in our soul, laughter and love".

About Mental Health

MENTAL HEALTH refers to absence of cognitive, behavioral, and emotional challenges. Psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and mental health therapists are all professionals who support individuals in better managing mental health challenges, with the hope of promoting well-being. Mental health can be evaluated on a spectrum. When daily life begins to feel challenging and if your mental or emotional wellbeing are affecting your life negatively, you may be struggling. Speaking with someone when you’re unhappy, unsatisfied, or overwhelmed, can be beneficial, especially in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable. You don’t need to be considered “mentally ill” to benefit from working with a therapist toward better mental health.  


WELLBEING is a popular label used to define a combination of feeling and functioning well. The determinants of well being are subjective, and thus different for everyone. The goal of therapy is to increase overall wellness and wellbeing.  


The purpose of Psychotherapy

is to learn how to take control of your life

and respond to challenging situations

with healthy coping skills.


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