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About Me

Life is hard. It's full of constant daily challenges. Some days are harder than other days. A few years ago the universe pushed my family into a nightmare. I didn't know which way was up. I was lost, confused, overwhelmed and terrified. Once the trauma settled, everything I knew and believed in, was shredded into pieces. My hopes and dreams were shattered. I never knew what was coming next. Thankfully I had family, friends, neighbours and colleagues who provided a community of support, which helped make living through the experience much more manageable. But that wasn't enough to settle what I was going through. I had to rely on my own individual resilience - what I knew about stress and trauma - to help me get through many long and difficult days. I now have a very strong collection of daily resilience practices. They are my "resources" I rely on when the universe wants to throw more daggers at me. Life is uncertain and constantly changing. One thing is for sure... we need to be flexible, adaptable and have a growth mindset to maneuver through the challenges of life. 

I love witnessing people laugh, smile and share kindness with others. I love the feeling of being with people who laugh, smile and share kindness. But not all of us are fortunate to experience this, and my life challenges have taught me hard lessons in this truth. Although my passion has always been in helping others feel better, live healthier and happier lives, I am more adamant about it now. I enjoy being a therapist, supporting my clients in developing their strengths to move through their distresses and combat challenges. We've all been there. We all struggle. But everyone is different and unique, and so is their life story. How we understand our situation, according to our own values and beliefs is what make us unique and diverse. There is no one single approach, or cookie cutter model, that helps everyone learn and grow through their challenges. There are many ways to reach goals. Similarly, there are many therapies that do the same. 


In a time when therapists seem to be everywhere, making a good first impression is vital. Having the right skills and abilities are also paramount in helping others overcome their struggles. Feeling heard without judgment, being validated and having journeyed through similar experiences, help clients feel hopeful that they too can overcome their difficulties.

My practice is based on the belief that everyone should have access to affordable, professional therapy. The initial consultation is complimentary, and is useful to determine whether we are a good fit going forward. Take a look around my website and read more about the issues I typically treat. Please feel free to CONTACT ME to schedule an initial consultation or ask any questions you may have. I look forward to working with you! 

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